Keck Medicine of USC is the University of Southern California’s medical enterprise, one of only two university-owned academic medical centers in the Los Angeles area.


The Keck Effect: More Phone Calls

On her first day of graduate school, Andrea Du Bois’ sports psychology professor asked the students to play a game of telephone. It was an exercise in communication, which Andrea felt certain she had failed. “The person next to me whispered in my ear and I had no idea what they said,” she recalls. By ...   Read More »

Return to Running

Mitch Wright’s wife was killed while she was shielding a child, a 6th grade girl, from gunfire in the Westside School shooting of 1998. After the tragic incident, Mitch, a resident of Jonesboro, AR, continued raising his 2-½ year old son. He continued with his work, which helps fundraise for schools, and provided for his family. Before ...   Read More »

Little Leaguer is back in the game

It was late September in Oklahoma, and 10-year-old Little League pitcher Alex Coker was taking the mound for the first time since brain surgery. The sounds of the ballpark surround him — a fist hitting a glove, chants of “hey batter, batter,” cheers from the crowd. Alex can hear all those sounds thanks to the ...   Read More »

Singer regains her hearing following acoustic neuroma surgery

Ruby Gorcey Biblowitz is a 26-year-old musician whose ability to hear is an absolute necessity for her career. On a regular visit with her physician, she told him that she had to use her phone on the opposite ear because she was having difficulty hearing. She soon found out that the sudden loss of hearing had been caused ...   Read More »

A Life-Saving Surgery

Brain surgery by Keck Medicine of USC specialists removes a benign tumor that affected the child’s hearing For Adrianna Bowman, a vibrant 5-year-old preparing to start kindergarten, what seemed to be a routine health screening turned out to be a potentially life-saving event. As part of their preparations for school, Adrianna’s mother, Alona, took her ...   Read More »

A Majestic Recovery: USC alumnus returns to business after acoustic neuroma surgery

Commercial real estate developer Kevin D. McCarthy was diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma in mid-2014 after noticing sudden hearing loss in his left ear. The USC alumnus researched his options carefully and knew his best chance at preserving his hearing, balance and facial function was to have surgery at the USC Acoustic Neuroma Center, under ...   Read More »

Search and Rescue: Firefighter’s wife freed from acoustic neuroma at Keck Medicine of USC

Christine House, a mother of two and wife to a New Hampshire firefighter, was diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma and had surgery at a prestigious medical center near her home. The surgery was unsuccessful, leading Christine to seek out the best in the field. Her search brought her across the country to Keck Medicine of ...   Read More »

Acoustic Neuroma Treatment at Keck Medicine of USC Gives Pilot Wings of Hope

Commercial airline pilot Luke Bagato discovered that the hearing problems and discomfort he was experiencing in his ear were the result of an acoustic neuroma. After extensively researching the best treatment options across the country, he came from the midwest to Keck Medicine of USC to receive care from Drs. Giannotta and Friedman of the ...   Read More »

Sight and Sound: Hollywood producer gets blockbuster results from acoustic neuroma surgery

Leah Keith, a studio exec turned independent producer and writer, underwent surgery for an acoustic neuroma in 2011. Three years later, she reflects on the treatment she received under Rick Friedman, MD, PhD, who is now director of the USC Acoustic Neuroma Center, Keck Medicine of USC.