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What to Expect on Treatment Days and Right Afterward

What to Expect on Treatment Days and Right Afterward2018-04-17T09:39:25+00:00

On the day you arrive for treatment, team members will reach out to meet your needs and make you feel at ease and well cared for before, during and after your procedure.

For Microsurgery Patients:

For 24 hours after the surgery, you will remain in intensive care, where our highly skilled nursing staff will care for you. Then, you will be transferred to your own room, where expert staff, including therapists, will provide care. You will receive post-operative care in the hospital for three to five days.

For Radiosurgery Patients:

  • GammaKnife® treatment ─ This is a one-day, one-treatment procedure. Upon arriving at the center, you will be seen by an anesthesiologist who will sedate you before a physician puts a head frame in place to keep your head still. Then, an MRI will be taken to obtain information for planning the treatment. While under the care and monitoring of a nurse at all times, you will be taken to lie in the GammaKnife® machine, where the radiation treatment will be given. Once completed, you will be taken to recovery, the head frame will be removed and you will be discharged that same evening.

After Your Discharge

Once you are released from the hospital, you will have constant access to the center’s team. At the same time, our staff is proactive in maintaining ongoing contact with patients after procedures, including coordination of after-treatment care with their primary physicians and with any family members or other at-home caregivers.

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